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COVID-19 Civic Engagement

As we continue to experience this ongoing pandemic, many opportunities have arose to assist communities in coping with this crisis. For further information specific to the Cleveland community, please refer to the article below:

Did you know?

The Cleveland Clinic and accompanying hospitals have created web pages with applications for better understanding COVID-19 and its “silent” systems. This resource provides a distanced means to better understand the virus through a medical professional:

Web based platforms specific to the state of Ohio have kept up to date records as pertains to the virus and its day to day fluctuations, for more information or if desiring to inform the website of something it may be missing, please refer to the link below:

Counties all across Ohio are undergoing different protocol to match with their specific threat level has designated by this graphic below:

With COVID-19 impacting the lives of families and individuals across the nation, volunteer opportunities have arose to combat community issues, for more information to get involved please refer to the website:

Although the information above is up to date, COVID-19 has created a continuously changing atmosphere and political climate, we at CommunityLink will try the best we can to update accordingly, but do not take responsibility for the accuracy of these articles.

Donate personal protective equipment (gloves, masks, gowns, etc) and respiratory supplies to MedWish's warehouse at 1625 E. 31st St. Cleveland. Learn More from Source

Donate personal protective equipment (masks, goggles, face shields, gloves, gowns and hand sanitizer) to Lake Health Foundation at 7590 Auburn Road, Concord Twp., OH 44077. Learn More from Source

National GetUSPPE - National Request and Donate PPE Project National Request and Give PPE Project