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Disability Resources

The information below highlights major resources for individuals with disabilities in the Greater Cleveland Area.

Major Organizations:

Cuyahoga County Disability Resources
DCFS works to assure marginalized and at risk children are provided the opportunity to experience a family environment while also ingraining them more comfortably with their community. Safety, permanency, and well-being are clear cut and proven goals for every child and family needing assistance. Employees investigate allegations, assess child safety and risk contributors, and help stabilize families that have been weakened through poverty, illness or crisis. DCFS further works to facilitate the adoption and care of especially severe child abandonment cases, continuously checking in with the children far beyond their initial sendoff.1)

Milestones Autism Resources
A community of committed volunteers driven to help educate, connect and care for those diagnosed with autism in the Cleveland community. Resources and staff encourage the cultivation of community among the individuals needing assistance, and strive to deliver the independence and intangible skills needed to survive in society today.2)

Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities Aging and Disability Resource
Arguably the most recognized non-profit combatting developmental disabilities, this organization specializes in a multitude of programs designed to boost independence and help disabled individuals practice the skills they need in an unrushed and demonstrative environment. Staff are trained to provide the best care possible, as well as actively develop relationships with guests that oftentimes extend far past the duration of the center's services. 3)