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Financial Resources

Cleveland, like many other cities across the united states, sponsors many social organizations specialized in providing professional advice toward financial management, as well as help interested parties establish financial security. If seeking resources for grant opportunities within Greater Cleveland, please refer to the Grant Giving Foundations Directory located on the home page under Civic Engagement.

“Cleveland is one of only two metropolitan areas with a population of at least 205,000 where more than half the children live in poverty, according to new U.S. Census data and the Center for Community Solutions.” Source

“Poverty rates for both Cleveland and suburban Cuyahoga County remain worse than they were before the recession of 2007-09.” Source

“There are about 220,000 people in Cuyahoga County who are living in poverty and about half of those are working so it’s really about earnings.” Source

Especially useful due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, bill alleviation and assistance programs greatly benefit those suffering deteriorating financial conditions. Below are a few resources focusing on dominion energy bill relief, the prominent electric company in Cleveland, as well as other similar programs.

Home Energy Assistance - Cleveland

Water Bill Relief

Property Tax Alleviation Form

HFLA of NEO - Provides interest-free loans up to $1500.

Nationally Recognized Rent Assistance Program

Medical bills and other such costs associated with proper healthcare are often times difficult for those in poverty to pay. CommunityLink believes healthcare should be readily available to all parties in need, and hope some of the resources below can prove helpful in this regard:

Financial Assistance at University Hospitals

Finacial Assistance at Cleveland Clinic