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About Social Service

Name:CHN Housing Partners
Location:2999 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, OH
Phone:(216) 574-7100
Area Covered:Greater Cleveland
Services Offered:Housing support
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CHN Housing Partners is a nonprofit organization which offers help services for finding housing, home utility payments, finances/taxes, choosing electric suppliers, and finding technology resources.

CHN Housing Partners provides services in three broad categories: Housing and Community Services, Real Estate & Partner Services, and Lending Services.

Housing and Community Services

Housing and Community Services include help with finding a home, home energy efficiency services, help with utility payments, help with finance & taxes, help with avoiding foreclosure or eviction, financial and homeownership classes, lead safe loans, technology resources, and grants.

Real Estate & Partner Services

Real Estate & Partner Services include real estate development & construction management, property & asset management, and lease-purchase sales & consulting program administration.

Lending Services

CHN Housing Capital, an affiliate of CHN Housing Partners, offers down payment assistance, home repair loans, counseling & education, and home mortgage loans.