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About Social Service

Location:5350 Transportation Blvd #18, Garfield Heights, OH
Phone:(216) 662-5700
Area Covered:Garfield Heights and surrounding communities
Services Offered:Free Pregnancy tests, Access to Ultrasounds, Assistance with Medicaid applications, Post-Abortion counseling, Maternity and baby items (as available), Professional counseling and support services
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Womankind is run by a volunteer group of prenatal medical professionals dedicated toward improving the lives of women and their families. Services are offered to struggling individuals or families free of charge, centering around the physical and emotional wellbeing before, during, and after a pregnancy. For additional information, contact (216) 662-5700.

Womankind clinicians specialize in:

Counseling services covering Pregnancy and Abortion

Assistance in planning for the Delivery

Access to Ultrasound Technology

Aid with Medicaid Applications

For additional information covering services offered by this institution, please refer to the weblink provided.